Director Lori Tubbs-Douglas, BS/LADAC2/NCAC2/QCS

Lori Douglas-BS/LADACI have worked in the Counseling field for over twenty years. I have worked with at risk clients and their families to try and find a path that works for them. I spent several years as a Probation officer which gave me a good understanding of some of the issues our clients face today. I have worked as a Crisis Clinician in the Mental Health field as well as being the Department Head of Mental Health in a prison. I wrote, designed and implemented a Therapeutic Community in the prison to assist those in need of treatment.


I started this center as a way to fill in the holes I saw while working in the Mental Health field. I wanted a place that had a sense of family while at the same time fostering the ideals that will assist them long after they leave. I place great emphasis on self responsibility; honesty; dependability as well as personal growth. I also wanted clients to never have to choose between working and providing for themselves and their families and getting treatment. Therefore we have a full day and evening treatment track. This allows someone to get help no matter what schedule they work.


The last thing I wanted to do was ensure they had continued support. Therefore, once a client successfully completes our program they can take advantage of our free group therapy aftercare for as long as they may need to. This service provides a sense of accomplishment and strength for our newer clients to model while giving those in aftercare a way to stay in touch with their recovery.


I want their communities they are a part of to see their progress as they change into the people they were meant to be. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling is important to me personally because like alot of people I have seen first hand the damage abuse and addiction can do not only to the person who suffers with it but also the families that love and care about them. I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. I hold a Bachelors Degree from University of Tennessee at Martin in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. I am also a National Certified Alcohol Counselor.


“Alcohol and Drugs will: Take you further than you ever wanted to go; It will keep you there longer than you ever intended to stay; and It will cost you more than you ever intended to pay.”